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Luckily, both spa slippers and whale noise are omitted from most of the male-specific treatments you’re likely to find in the UK, so you’ve really got no excuse to swerve this one. Us chaps stand to gain more from a facial than women, too. That’s because our higher levels of testosterone cause our skin to secrete more oil, so hitting the reset button now and again is important.

To maximise the results, opt for a male-specific facial, which will give you more bang for your cosmetic buck than a generic one. Why? Because exfoliation is usually paid more mind and things like post-shaving soreness are considered as much as hydration.

What: The Mankind Facial
Where: The Akasha Spa, downstairs at the Hotel Café Royal in London, has really gotten on board with the man-focused treatments. This one promises to deal with ingrown hairs while delivering a tension-releasing massage, too.

So it’s cool to drop a bit of your hard-earned cash on your hard-worked body. Everyone is doing it. Among the swell of Hollywood botox and lip-filler rumours is some undercurrent of truth *cough* Tom Cruise *cough*. If you still feel in any way uncomfortable, just think of yourself as the Patrick Bateman kind of vain. Without, you know, channelling any of his psychotic rage if possible. No amount of skin buffing can get a chip like that off your shoulder.

And yet it’s true that most men are hardwired to approach a spa or salon or cosmetic laser dungeon with a healthy degree of trepidation. Truer still is the fact that the things we want done – a hair plucked here, a gland zapped there – are going to hurt us more than the fairer sex. That’s because we have more hair. And a somewhat pathetic pain threshold. Google it; it’s actual science.

That’s why we’ve created this user’s manual, to ensure you don’t waste your time and cash (and tears of pain) on stuff that doesn’t work. So take a look around our guide to the best treatments on offer to those with both a Y-chromosome and hair on their feet. Stay for the massages and tell your friends about the facials. It’s time to Brolax, erm, bro.

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