Simple Beauty Tips For Men


Also, man hair wants to be well-groomed. For example, use the Logona Man Shampoo & Shower Gel. Foamed with lukewarm water is enough already a small amount. Do not use hot water, as this only adds to the stress on the scalp. If your scalp is prone to dandruff, use, for example, the anti-dandruff shampoo from Logona. The juniper oil contained herein soothes the scalp and gently cleanses. Too greasy hair is recommended a mild shampoo as Cattier. Wash your hair frequently, but do without long rubbing. This only stimulates the glands to produce seb

To get your hair in shape, there are a variety of gels and sprays. If you have not done so, just give it a try. For example, the Logona Mann hair gel with caffeine and gingko extract has a strengthening and revitalizing effect on the hair roots. Do you prefer styling your hairstyle a bit more understated? In our product guide, you will find a wide selection of hair sprays.

beauty tips for men

Is the time of magnificent hair long gone? No problem. Balding can make men very attractive, provided they are properly cared for. Even shaved areas of the scalp must be treated. For this purpose, a panthenol-containing body lotion is suitable. Depending on the condition of the skin, your bald head will be easy to care for (on the greasy skin) or it may be regularly creamed with rich products (for dry skin). And protect your head from UV radiation. Simply with a hat and sunscreen, for example from Eco Cosmetics. Here a sun protection factor of at least 20 is recommended.


Men’s skin is inherently more robust, thanks to collagen fibers that are cross-linked and cross-linked. The problem here is that the skin thus has more sebaceous glands, which can lead to a greasy complexion and impurities. For this reason, facial care is essential for men. Wash your face at least once a day with lukewarm water and a face wash lotion, such as Lavera. Do not reach for your shampoo or shower gel, as these only dry out the more sensitive facial skin. Then continue with a moisturizer, for example from Weleda. In addition, a gentle exfoliation helps once a week against blemishes. For the shot, you should not be afraid to apply some more powder. This is available from Jane Iredale especially for men and it looks very discreet on the skin. It also offers broadband protection and is quick and easy to apply. And do not worry: your masculinity really does not break that.

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