Spafinder Wellness 365’s handy Spa Etiquette Guide for Men – demystify the whole spa experience. Enjoy your next spa day, spa break or treatment without any worries.
20 years ago, men made up 10% of the US spa market – compare that to 47% in 2013. The UK is also seeing this trend rise.


 A first time spa experience can be daunting, especially for men. Many men see spas as unnecessary pampering or indulgence, or something that’s just for the ladies. If only they knew just how relaxing, fun and totally unintimidating a trip to the spa can be! These days, most spas are gender-neutral and cater equally to both men and women. There are even a host of spas opening up specifically for men – evidence that men are increasingly embracing the spa experience.


  • 1 Arrive Early

    Aim to arrive 20 minutes before your treatment, so you have time to settle in and relax. There’s nothing worse than rushing to the spa and feeling stressed before your treatment begins. Chances are there’s a relaxation room and cup of tea waiting for you.

  • 2 Shower Before Your Spa Treatment

    It’s always nice to feel so fresh and so clean – and your therapist will appreciate it, too. Most spas have shower facilities, so arrive early. Before you get in, make sure you have a robe in the correct size: men over 6’ feet tall may find the robes a bit short!

  • 3 Ask Questions

    Many therapists report that men are hesitant to ask questions, whether they’re concerned about a particular element of their treatment or simply want after-care advice. Your therapist is there to help – remember, there are no stupid questions.

  • 4 Turn Your Phone Off

    Spas are all about relaxation, so your mobile phone has no place here. This is your chance to escape for a short time (think of it as a nano-holiday), so make the most of it and ditch the phone.

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