Spring is Here!


Spring signals the end of winter and marks the time when flowers start blossoming, leaves growing, and sun shining! It is indeed a beautiful time of the year.

But have you ever wondered what its effects are when it comes to your skin?

Spring is beautiful, but without the right practices in place, it can bring unwanted changes that reflect on your skin. As the season is characterised by an atmosphere with unstable climate, strong UV radiation, and dust, you should be able to come up with beauty rituals that can provide the best protection while keeping your skin radiant and glowing.

Skin Roughness


With the weather suddenly becoming hot and humid, a whole new set of issues may arise along with the beautiful season of spring. Changing weather conditions can make the skin extra sensitive.

According to experts, spring sun is more dangerous than the summer sun. This is the season when the sun appears all of a sudden and won’t really bother you with its warmth, as it usually comes with chilly winds.

It’s the time of the year when you will notice that oiliness, acne problems, or even allergies surface along with the first burst of sun exposure. Changing weather from cold to warm results to increased humidity, while the blooming of flowers also contribute in making the skin extra sensitive and prone to flare ups or skin eruptions.

Spring is a beautiful season. But for many people, they can’t help but associate it with the experience of a range of skin problems. Read on to know the most common spring skin woes that you might encounter this season.

Brown mottled patches on the skin that is similar to liver or age spots and usually shows on the neck, cheeks, and side of the face. This skin condition is associated with the chemical reaction that happens between UV light and bergapten, which is an ingredient commonly found in many perfumes and colognes, as well as in some heavily scented skin creams or beauty products.

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